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Saving Songbirds


Hummingbird Shade Grown Coffee

Start each day by drinking Hummingbird Shade Grown Coffee and experience the daily satisfaction of the best tasting coffee while taking charge of a key solution to our planet’s future good health. Trees and rainforest provide habitat for wildlife while also regulating climate and weather patterns. Coffee beans represent the largest United States food import. Since a technology shift in the 1970s, most coffee beans are grown in full sun where lush rainforests used to be.
Decades of rainforest removal for sun grown coffee has contributed to climate change, extreme weather patterns and dramatic loss of essential animals who called the rainforest home. This includes an alarming loss of birds that winter in coffee growing countries and migrate to the United States to nest and raise their young in our forests and backyards. A key to a climate-healthy planet that balances the needs of people and wildlife begins with growing these highest quality coffee beans in the shade of trees and bringing them to you.
Trust For Wildlife Hummingbird Shade Grown Coffee: The Climate-Healthy Solution.

~12 oz. Bags are available in regular and decaf  ~

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Neotropical Birds -Coffee that’s good for the planet

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