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Trust For Wildlife Hummingbird Shadegrown Coffee


Start your day, every day, by drinking Trust For Wildlife Hummingbird Shadegrown Coffee and take part in habitat conservation and climate control. Every cup you drink counts.

THE SCIENCE: Coffee is a shade loving plant. It grows best under rainforest canopy. The canopy is habitat for birds, mammals and insects and provides shade for the coffee tree. Grown this way, coffee is a sustainable crop that produces a robust, delicious flavor, naturally. THE CHALLENGE: These days, most coffee grows in open sun where lush rainforests used to be. Coffee-the most highly imported U.S. food crop–with Americans drinking an average of 3.1 cups a day and collectively, one-third of the world’s supply–is BIG business. Big business thrives on the quick dollar. So, rainforests are cut, year in and year out, to grow high yield coffee in the sun, which requires excessive use of oil based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. In the process, rainforest habitat is destroyed, contributing to climate change and loss of critical wildlife, especially songbirds that winter in coffee growing South America and Central America andmigrate to North America in the spring to nest and raise their young in our forests and backyards.

THE SOLUTION: YOU, drinking coffee grown in the shade. Trust For Wildlife (www.neotropicalbirds.net), Marshal’s non-profit conservation and education organization, established in 1983, devoted to preserving critical habitat for wildlife, especially neo-tropical migrant birds, has joined forces with Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters Company, to bring us all great tasting, regular and decaffeinated, organic + fair trade Hummingbird (100%) Shadegrown Coffee from Nicaragua, where our spring & summer friend the ruby-throated hummingbird likes to winter! Please consider buying Hummingbird Shadegrown Coffee for yourself and those on your gift list, while benefiting Mother Earth. To order, Please contact Marshal Case at 802-282-2795 or email me at : Marshal@trustforwildlife.org or click on the image above. Proceeds from the sale of the coffee will be used by Trust For Wildlife to educate coffee loving Americans and their kids about the value to the planet of drinking shade grown coffee and its relationship to preserving habitat for the wildlife we hold so dear, including migratory songbirds who nest in our backyards beginning each spring. When the Trust’s upcoming documentary film on this topic is complete, we will send you a free link to it. Just send your e-mail address to Marshal.

Thank you.